Speaking Appointments

A.T.U. Bible Lecture Series

From the 14th to the 19th of May I was greatly privileged to deliver a series of Bible lectures at the Accra Technical University, formerly AccraPolytechnic. The messages spoke to me personally, and gave me an opportunity to touch base with some of the old basics I learned when I first came to faith. More importantly, God’s truth was proclaimed to a very highly engaged – if not readily accessible – audience. Our venue was both advantageous – it was in close proximity to the hostels, and many could watch from their balconies or listen on their beds – and difficult – it was hard to get them to come out to the seats!

I was well received, both by the GNAAS ATU fellowship and the students. There were no baptisms. But there are many who are now seekers, asking deep Bible questions and requesting further study and interaction.

The Sabbath of the 20th was the handing over ceremony of the fellowship. I delivered a sermon called Chief of Sinners. My good friends Joseph M. Kusi and Owusu Opoku-Mensah were highly supportive in their roles, and I appreciate them.

God’s business, surely, has been done at ATU (vis. Acts 19:10). What remains is the diligence to follow through with the interest expressed. It is often where we fail as a a church, especially with the educated classes. I have charged and DAREd GNAAS ATU to rise to the task, and I will also be praying for them, lending my help however I can. I hope you will too.

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I’m also especially grateful to my dear friends Dr. Lydia Batsa-Nakotey and David Baidoo for their wonderful health presentations, and Psalters Acapella for the music. Uriah Karikari and Stephen Gregory Narteyprovided great tech support. God bless you much. Keep preaching the word.