Speaking Appointments

GNAAS Congress 2017

I will be delivering a lecture series on Bible prophecy at this year’s GNAAS congress. The series is entitled Bulwarks of Belief. The details are as follows:

BULWARKS OF BELIEF (The Sure Word of Bible Prophecy)
If we are going to DARE to prepare campuses for eternity, we will need to be very well equipped. We must be armed with an abiding faith in Christ that rooted in His word. One of the most powerful weapons in this arsenal is a working knowledge of Bible Prophecy as it relates first to the remnant church and to humankind as a whole. God has revealed the course of Earth’s history so we might have confidence in His plan of redemption.


Bulwarks of Belief is a four-part prophecy seminar that will not only strengthen your faith in God’s sure word of prophecy, but will equip you with the skills needed to understand Bible prophecy and share a timely message to a dying world. What does prophecy mean to the church, and to your campus ministry? How can we refute new philosophies and bad interpretations? What current affairs are fulfilling prophecy? How are you personally fulfilling prophecy?


Bulwarks of Belief answers these questions by tracing the work of God’s unseen hand through the past, present and into the future, and shows clearly our place and role in the prophetic timeline. The ultimate goal is to lead us to a greater confidence in, and a more purposeful walk with the great Revealer.