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THEME: The Scalpel of the Spirit

Venue: University for Development Studies, Tamale Campus
Subject: Week of Spiritual Emphasis
LIVE: Streaming live each evening at 6:45pm at

Scalpels are wonderful instruments. They are the surgeon’s dependable tools for accessing the secret places of the human frame. They help the healer diagnose and correct pathologies through surgical means. Scalpels are sharp. They excise failing organs and malignant tumors, and cut through the hardest bone. But as human being we are more than the sum of our tissues, aren’t we?


There is a spiritual life in each of us that lies deeper than any steel blade can reach, than any human surgeon can expose. The reality is that this spiritual life, for most of us, is in critical condition: our spirituality weak, our moral compasses are broken; we are mentally emotionally detached from the Lord, and we have lost interest in His children and church. We have no burning hope for His coming, or great concern for perishing souls. Our very identity as Christians and Adventists is in question… our love has waxed as cold and frigid as death itself.


Our vital signs may not be encouraging, but there is real hope for us. There is a Surgeon whose scalpel is unseen, and with it He penetrates deeper than flesh. He exposes the joints and marrow of the spirit, and sees the thoughts and intentions of the heart. With His scalpel He excises our cancerous sin and reconstructs our broken figure into the perfect image of Christ.


This Week of Spiritual Emphasis we do not merely wish to know how the Spirit uses His scalpel. We seek admittance onto His operating table; we are fast dying a death from which there is no recovery, and our time is fast running out. Our case is urgent: He must cut us, or we die.