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Epiphany and Other Reflections

Epiphany and Other Reflections is a collection of short, inspirational reflections that explore the deep things of Scripture through the lens of common, everyday experience.


Each chapter is a short reflection on a scriptural theme or Bible text against the backdrop of actual actual experience. These include my interaction with real incidents, news, science, people, reading and more. My goal is to help the reader find that connection between the word and the life that is often missing in the details of our lives, by sharing my own experience of that connection.


Without being preachy or overly technical, the reflections also contain useful advice and sound biblical exposition that will appeal to the layperson as well as the seasoned theologian. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!

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  • Agana-Nsiire Agana, The Author
The Journey to Epiphany and Other Reflections

I am thrilled to announce my first published book! (Yes, it’s long overdue, I know 🙂 ) As you might know, I’ve been an active writer for about ten years now, with my work having been featured on several prominent platforms like Writers Project, Open Air Theatre. I have also published short stories and poetry in various literary journals and magazines.


This, however, is the first actual book I am publishing. I decided to self publish it because it is the quickest way to get across to you a book I really want you to read. Why do I?


Well, Epiphany and Other Reflections is a collection of seemingly random reflections I have had on life and faith. It explores connections between the word of God and aspects of daily life that we often do not notice, take time to enjoy or contemplate. Every so often we encounter big life events that grab out attention mentally and emotionally, but everyday we let little things slip by.


I decided to begin writing down these spontaneous mental connections my mind frequently makes between what I experience as I go about life, and passages of scripture, first because I wanted to be able to relive them. Many of them were very special inner moments. Second, I thought to share them because the impact on my faith and appreciation of God was often so profound it would be selfish to keep it to myself. Finally I thought that perhaps many more people might begin to take note of such connections, keep them, and one day share them too.


So here they are then, in easily accessible eBook format. You can read it on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and soon on iBooks. Of course, the final product is the best I’ve tried to do to convey these connections with words. I hope that they speak powerfully to you, I hope they entertain you, I hope they change you even if in the smallest of ways, into a more deliberate, Scripture-conscious Christian.


Yours in deep reflection,


Agana-Nsiire Agana

The Author